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Published by Prince Alfred : 18-04-2018

A Pool Workout to Help You Lose Weight

A Pool Workout to Help You Lose Weight

If you’re sick of the gym, here’s a great pool routine that can help you lose weight and feel great! Because let’s face it, workouts are more fun when you’re splashing around.

The Spiderman

This classic aerobic exercise earns its name due to the way your legs move quickly up and down the pool wall. It’s great for balance, activates your core strength and works on building strength in your back.

Face the pool wall and use your arms to keep your head above water. Run your feet up and down the pool wall as quickly as you can. Although this might seem like just a cardio move, as your arms move up and down to keep you afloat, it’s also a great arm workout!

The Pool Plank

Planks are commonly used to improve strength on land however they can be almost impossible to someone without strong upper body strength and can sometimes cause more harm than good. When you’re in the pool, all the strain is taken from your body allowing you to build up your strength. To perform this move, you’ll need a noodle.

Hold your noodle vertically with both hands. Press it straight down into the water and lean forward until your body is on an even incline with your head above water. At first, try and keep stable for 1-2 minutes and then build up the time as you increase your strength.

The Underwater Scissor Kick

For toning, your legs try an underwater scissor kick! Get into position by laying your back on the edge of the pool wall trying to keep your back straight. Open your legs like a V and then bring them quickly together with one ankle on top of the other. Repeat this move until you feel the burn. Make sure to keep your toes pointed as this will tone your butt and quads.

Jog Underwater

This move is seriously challenging depending on how many lengths of the pool you do. You will begin at the shallow end and jog your way till the deep end, keeping your head above water as you jog. If you want to make it extra challenging add a weight belt.

The Noodle Flyback

For this move, you’ll need to use a noodle. Mount your noodle, with one leg on either side and use a sweeping forward and back motion to move you down the pool. The noodle Flyback is a great arm workout, and it’s also great for your core as you try and balance on your noodle.

These moves are only a sneak peek into some of the great exercise possibilities that can be done in the pool apart from swimming laps. So, come down to our amazing pool and try them out for yourself.

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If you’re sick of the gym, here’s a great pool routine that can help you lose weight and feel great!

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