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Published by Prince Alfred : 20-04-2018

How to Perfect Your Freestyle Technique

How to Perfect Your Freestyle Technique

Everybody wants to go faster in the pool and having a good freestyle technique is a surefire way to help you reach that goal. The key is to ensure you’re relaxed, always breathing and maintaining the correct position. Perfecting your stroke can seem like an impossible feat. However, swimming improvements, are usually only a few technical sessions away. We’ve put together a list of common mistakes and solutions to get you started.

Keep Breathing

One of the common mistakes we see with freestyle and, in fact, all strokes, is incorrect breathing.

Breathing incorrectly can affect other parts of the stroke, which is why many swimmers don’t realise the problems their facing actually originate with the way they’re breathing. For instance, breathing can cause scissor kicks, poor body position, crossovers and lopsided strokes.

What Can You Do About It?

One way to help with breathing issues is to focus on your exhalation rather than inhalation. Exhale continuously while your face is turned downward in the water. And don’t exhale while you are on your side and your mouth has cleared the water.

What Are You Looking at?

To move quickly in the water you must have proper body alignment, the position of your head is just a small part of this. Each swimmer is different, and it’s important to work with your instructor to get the freestyle stroke mechanics down pat for you.

What Can You Do About It?

One thing that will help you see a difference straight away is to try and keep your head in line with your trunk and look straight down toward the bottom of the pool. Make sure you’re not looking forward as this will cause you to lift your head, which, in turn, will cause your hips and legs to drop.

It’s All About the Body Roll

Body roll is the rotation of your shoulders, torso, hips and legs around the long axis of the body. Many experts consider this to be the most important part of the stroke.

What Can You Do About It?

Experts believe that the most efficient swimming technique involves, your shoulder, torso and hips all rolling together as one. The body roll does not include your head, as this should stay stationary unless you’re breathing.

Although these steps make it sound easy, we know how hard perfecting a freestyle stroke can be. After all even Olympians still have to work on it. The best way to ensure your method is correct is to come down to Prince Alfred Park Pool and talk to one of our talented instructors or join in one of our many programs to help perfect your stroke. Sign up now and we'll see you there!

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The article highlights some of the common mistakes found in swimmers' freestyle and provides tips on how to correct it.

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