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Published by Prince Alfred : 22-05-2020

Re-Opening FAQs

Re-Opening FAQs

Are the pools safe to swim in and is their risk of catching COVID-19 while swimming?

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), report that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of swimming pools, whirlpools or spas that operate within the correct operational parameters. Our facilities have increased pool water testing to ensure our operational parameters are always significantly succeeding the safe operational parameters.


Is there a strict cleaning protocol?

Yes, our facilities have increased their cleaning. Facilities will be cleaned hourly through an organised checklist to ensure the safety and well-being of customers, staff and the community.


Can I swim longer than 45 minutes?

During stages 1 and 2 of the Federal and State Government easing of restrictions, all swimming bookings will be limited to 1, 45-minute session per day.


Can I book multiple sessions?

Yes, however to ensure fairness we will limit each patron to 3 sessions per week. Bookings for the following week will open at 10am the Wednesday prior. 


Can I pay when I arrive?

No, to assist in social distancing all payments will be taken over the phone. We recommend purchasing a multi-visit pass on your first booking should you wish to attend regularly. 


Can I bring my child, disability support worker, guardian or friend to swim with me?

The Federal and State Government restrictions allow for 1 person per lane at any time. This rule applied to every patron. As such we cannot allow access to children under the age of 10, guardians, or spectators at this stage. We will acommodate for disability support workers upon request. 


Can I request a specific lane for ease of access purposes?

General requests for a specific lane will not be available. For patrons who need additional support or ramp access to the swimming pool, the customer service team will do their best to accommodate your request where possible.


How can I be assured other patrons will follow the guidelines?

All patrons are required to complete the pre-user requirement questionnaire before accessing the facilities. The user guidelines are detailed in this questionnaire and any patron who fails to respect and follow these guidelines will be asked to leave the facility and will have all future bookings cancelled.


What if I have not completed the pre-user requirement questionnaire?

Every patron must complete the pre-user requirement questionnaire 2 hours prior to visiting. Failure to complete the questionnaire or if any questions do not meet the requirements of the visitation, the booking being cancelled.


Can I walk in and book at the door?

No, all bookings must be complete prior to visitation due to the pre-user requirement checks.


Can I enter the facility prior to my booking time so I can swim the full 45 minutes?

No, patrons are required to wait away from the facility until their booking time commences. It is highly encouraged for social distancing to be observed and no lines/queues to be formed whilst waiting outside of the facilities.


Can I sit in the grandstand or kiosk?

No, the grandstand and kiosk will be closed until further restrictions have been lifted. All patrons will be given an allocated ‘home station’ to leave their belongings.


Can I use the bathroom?

Yes, the bathrooms will be available for all patrons. There will be limited access and patrons are encouraged to use the bathroom prior to visiting the facilities.


Can I use the change rooms?

No, The City of Sydney facilities will be adopting the “Get in and Get Out” policy from the Australian Framework which requires patrons to arrive and leave in their swimwear. There will be no access to the changing rooms or showers until further lifting of restrictions.


Can I utilise the swimming equipment or bring my own swimming equipment?

No, to maintain safe hygiene procedures the use of swimming equipment is currently not permitted.


Will we change lifeguard rosters?

Yes. The programme will consist of structured swimming activity initially and there may be times when the pool is closed. This combined with the new cleaning programme will necessitate changes to the lifeguard rotas.


Can customers use their own gels/wipes & sprays for cleaning purposes?



Are older adults be permitted to swim?

Yes, if no underlying health conditions are present. If you do have underlying health conditions, we recommend speaking with a health professional before visiting.


Is it safe to bring my expensive belongings such as a phone and wallet?

All your belongings will be stored at your home station as lockers and change rooms will remain closed. Your home station is visible at all times and our staff will always remain vigilant of your belongings but the belongings will be the responsibility of the patron at all times. The centre does not hold responsibility for any lost or stolen belongings.

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