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Published by Prince Alfred : 04-04-2018

The 5 Benefits of Swimming that Will Make You Stronger, Smarter, Better and Faster

The 5 Benefits of Swimming that Will Make You Stronger, Smarter, Better and Faster

If you grew up in Australia, swimming lessons were a mandatory fixture of school life; you were most likely doing freestyle by the time you were in primary school and taking home that first place ribbon in the swimming carnival!

But somewhere along the way some of us forget how enjoyable swimming is and other exercises like soccer, running and Pilates take its place. We’re here to tell you that the pool can be more than just a place to cool off. The health benefits associated with swimming laps are vast and can lead to a happy and healthier lifestyle.

Improve Cardiovascular Fitness

Swimming is a great sport to improve cardiovascular fitness. It doesn’t place as much strain on your heart that other sports such as running do, but it still gets the blood pumping. It can also improve your cholesterol levels.

Aim to swim laps for 20 to 40 minutes at a pace that keeps your heart rate up. Start slowly; at the beginning, you may need to rest between laps. However, over time you’ll be able to work out longer using different strokes and speeds.

Builds Muscle All Over The Body

Swimming at its core is a resistance exercise, so it’s not surprising that it helps build muscle all over your body. It’s similar to weight-lifting but without placing so much stress on all your joints and bones.

There are many muscles that swimming can strengthen. However, swimming does work some muscles more than others. These muscles, in particular, are your traps, shoulders, back, abs, lats, legs, and triceps. Where do we sign up?

Help You Lose Weight

When you combine swimming with a healthy well –balanced diet, it’s one of the best ways to lose weight. How long you need to swim to start to see a difference depends on your weight, how fast you swim and the swimming stroke you use. It’s also great for giving the appearance fo a well-toned body as it works all the major muscle groups and targets every area of your body.

Helps to Relax

It’s not only just the sound of lap swimmers around you that helps you relax, but there’s also some science behind it. Swimming is relaxing and calming because as you regulate you're breathing it forces you to concentrate on that, rather than all the thoughts that usually whiz round. It also causes more oxygen to flow to your muscles and releases the feel-good chemical we all love and know called endorphins.

Improves Your Flexibility

Swimming can also help with your flexibility as the range of motion involved in swimming lengthens your muscles. This lengthening can make your joints more flexible and help anyone that needs to recover from a sporting accident. To achieve this to its optimum level you’ve got to keep your body straight to stretch your whole body.

So now we've convinced you of the powers of swimming, come down to any one of our centres and enjoy the swimming experience! If you Combine lap swimming with the multiple fitness classes, such as yoga and pilates we offer, to feel brand new! If you have any concerns about your swimming abilities, you can also reach out to our instructors and receive some swimming lessons to help get you up to scratch.

Find your new Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger with access to all five of our aquatic and fitness centres through the affordable 360 Pro memberships here.

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Here are five benefits of swimming that will get you back in the pool.

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