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Published by Prince Alfred : 15-05-2018

Warm up Your Winter by Swimming Laps

Warm up Your Winter by Swimming Laps

We know the temptation during winter is to hibernate on your couch but the latest research suggests that swimming could be the key to staying healthy and warding off those nasty colds during wintertime. Here are our top picks for why we think you should ditch the Netflix and snacks for laps!

The Perfect Season for Beginners

If you haven’t been swimming for a while but have been meaning to get back to the pool, now is the time! Dust the cobwebs off those goggles (or just get a new pair) because autumn and winter months tend to be quieter and you can take your time easing into it. You will have space and time to build up your confidence; you’ll be a seasoned professional in no time.

Boost Your Immune System

According to a scientific study, our bodies read a sudden change in temperature as an attack and responds by increasing the white blood cell count. Even though Prince Alfred Park Pool is perfectly warm and regulated the change in temperature will cause mild stressor, which activates the immune system meaning fewer colds.

Helps Ward off the Winter Blues

It’s long been established that exercise releases a chemical in the brain called endorphins that contribute to feeling happier. Exercise can help you from feeling depressed in these colder months. Swimming is a great form of exercise as it places less stress on the joints while still getting the heart rate up. Swimming cuts your chance of injury by decreasing the continuous and repetitive load on the same muscle groups, so you won't be stuck on the couch with a busted knee. You’ll be feeling good all year round!

Speed up Your Metabolism

Cooler water means your body has to work twice as hard to keep you warm – burning more kilojoules and boosting your metabolism in the process. Many recent studies have also found that cold weather can promote brown fat, which is the good fat our bodies generate to keep us warm and help eliminate white fat, which is the type that piles up around our waistlines and thighs when we overdo it during silly season. So, in general exercising during colder months helps you lose more weight quicker!

Mix It Up

In the colder months, we need all the help we can get to keep motivated. All it takes is one rainy day to convince us to skip a gym session. Many personal trainers suggest mixing up your exercise routine to keep yourself interested. Integrating swimming into your training is a great way to do this!

The whole team and community at Prince Alfred Park Pool are welcoming. Swimming at this pool is like becoming part of a community and that will help motivate you even more! Click here to find out more.


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We know that when it starts to get cold outside, going for a swim isn't the most tempting of options. However new research shows that it could be exactly what you need.

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