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Published by Prince Alfred : 14-02-2019

What to Expect from Aqua Zumba

What to Expect from Aqua Zumba

We’ve known about Aqua Aerobics since the 80’s and by now we’ve all heard of Zumba but what is Aqua Zumba? You guessed it! Aqua Zumba is a new craze that mixes some of the more standard aqua aerobics moves in with Latin-inspired beats and the dance moves of Zumba. What’s the result? A fun, low impact but challenging workout that will whip you into shape. Here are five reasons why we think everyone should give it a go.

Less Impact on Your Joints

As you’re in the water there is less impact on your joints during a class so you can relax and let loose. There are even studies that suggest that Aqua Zumba is an excellent therapy for people who suffer from joint problems, even those who underwent a hip or knee replacement surgery can opt for these workouts. These studies have shown that Aqua Zumba can reduce inflammation in the joints, as the hydrostatic pressure from the water acts as massage. In this form of workout your hips, back and knees will receive low impact strength training without being put under unnecessary strain.

Reduce Stress Levels

Aqua Zumba is also a great stress-busting exercise for people suffering from anxiety and mood disorders. Not only is it so much fun you’re bound to leave smiling, but the endorphins released from the full body workout are sure to wash away your stressful day!

It’s Good For Your Heart

Working out in water creates a natural resistances which overall can improve your heart health by increasing the blood circulation and reducing the resting heart rate. Aqua Zumba might be just what the doctor ordered!

Get a Full Body Workout

As you move your body into Zumba dance moves through the water you’re sure to break up a sweat! Aqua Zumba is even more effective than doing Zumba on land with the natural resistance provided by the water. However, the pressure will be taken off from your knees, hips, and ankles making this the perfect workout for any age.

Become Part of a Community

Here at Prince Alfred Park Pool, we’re not just an aquatic centre but a community. The Aqua Zumba classes we provide are no exception. The classes provide a safe, open and fun experience where everyone can get involved.

Come on down to Prince Alfred Park Pool and try out a class for yourself. Check out our timetable online or contact one of our friendly customer service representatives on 02 9319 2727.


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Aqua Zumba is a new craze that mixes some of the more standard aqua aerobics moves in with Latin-inspired beats and the dance moves of Zumba.

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